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A Tradition of Building Champions

The management team @ Asia GiftEd has an illustrious track record in nurturing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders. We have developed a program where knowledge and experience are infused through learning, growing and fine tuning. Each of us has over 20 years of leadership and management experience in developing raw talent into proven winners.

Education Beyond Academics

Over 20 distinctively crafted activities are curated to guide our participants towards developing values ranging from leadership, teamwork, resilience as well as nurturing cultural perception amongst others.

Culture of Innovation

Our program builds upon a culture of splicing innovation DNA into our participants. Through intimate interaction, each participant’s learning path is personalized to encourage lifelong pursuit of interests and adaptability to the dynamic world that we live in.

Asia GiftEd Immersion Experience

Our team recognizes the importance of building adaptability, resilience in our children to optimize their strategic strengths in the ever-competitive world. We are proud of our multi-variate immersion program, allowing participants to connect with their complementary attributes and building the foundation for continued academic success; more importantly a socially responsible citizen in years and decades to come.


Safety of our participants is our top priority. Our team endeavors to deliver fun, initiate self-discovery and spur every participant’s development growth. With a healthy instructor-to-participant ratio, we seek to ensure that each participant is guided to experience fun, happiness and expand their international network over the course of the program.


At Asia GiftEd in Singapore, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality in learning. Our Program Directors have extensive experience in facilitating and conducting programs; and always on hand to attain highest standards of education, quality and care. Besides learning, they are Practicing Corporate Leaders with the following portfolios;

  • Data analytics, budgeting, treasury, investment banking, corporate finance and business development.
  • Real estate, fund management, shipping, Fintech, education, event management.
    Public speaker, Regulated Investment
  • Fund Manager, Management Committee of Singapore University alumni club.
  • Business Management, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, Business and Product Road mapping
    Engineering Management,
  • Product Development, Structural Engineering, Drives/Controls Engineering.
  • Vice-President, Marine/Offshore & Engineering Business

Our Facilitators comprises of native English speakers, most of whom are effectively bilingual in Mandarin. Our program will be conducted in English to ensure participant inclusivity and promote social development. An immersion in a harmonious multi-racial society allows participants to experience other languages and cultures. 


"A good field trip is not just a series of pictures. A great field trip inspires dreams by planting that one seed. What is the idea behind the trip?"

Beyond Academics

Cleverly crafted program, Guided by students of Asia’s top university.
Conceived, executed by Nature Professionals.
Blend of fun, life skills, culture and lifestyle pillars.
Balanced learning anchored by nature, fun and science

Beyond Entertainment

Discovery journey in experiencing Singapore’s diversity.
Activities curated to develop awareness and infusion of harmony.
Experience and co-exist with nature in Wild Singapore.
Essential Skills Certification,Objectives Inspired

Beyond Fun

Safe and controlled environment catered to every participant’s journey of self-discovery
Certified and Mapped programs engineered to build Resilience, Character & Proficiency.

Immersion @ Asia’s Best Educational Institutions

Participants would be treated with invaluable exposure and orientation to the top tier Asian education institutions. The vision of studying at one of the top schools is not be too far away. An immersion program to interact with the best in Singapore and arguably in Asia may just be a perfect gift for your children.

Established Adventure Centers

1.adventure is built by a group of avid outdoor educators, trained teachers. We are involved in the forming of a tailored adventure curriculum, allowing schools to augment learning through adventure. We have various level of staff from the renown Outward Bound Institution working with us to fine-tune our programs. 

Our founder seats on the steering committee of Singapore's Outdoor Learning and Adventure Education Association. He is an Honorary Assistant Commissioner of Police (NPCC), managing the uniform group in a cluster of schools.

1.adventure is accredited in the following areas; NCAP, Abseiling Proficiency, Sea Proficiency (kayaking), Certified first-aid,  SMF Sport Climbing, ACCT Challenge Course Managment, Certified Instructor for CPR-AED, Certified floor instructor for BCLS.

We are certified by Singapore Ministry of Education(MOE) for MOE's OAF and National Police Cadet Corps Camp resilience.


We develop sets of bespoke programs for participants, students above 10 years old. These cater for their specific needs during the different discovery phases of their lives.

Winter/Spring Program

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Summer/ Fall Programs

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